How to buy quality wooden furniture

How to buy quality wooden furniture

At Websters Furniture our Yorkshire team understand first-hand how beneficial it is to invest in good quality furniture rather than cheaper items to save money. Decorating your home can be a very expensive process and that is why many people choose to go cheap on items such as sofas, tables and chairs. But by doing so you are actually spending more money in the long run, as the life span of cheap furniture is much shorter than that of handmade, quality furniture. 

So how do you buy good quality wooden furniture that is going to last? Our Brighouse experts have put together these tips to help Yorkshire homeowners along the way.

Wood Furniture

There can be a lot of confusion between hardwoods and softwoods, and a lot of retail outlets will increase  the price of hard woods because people assume they are of better quality. The reality is a lot of hardwoods are softer than softwoods – their terms come from the tree they come from rather than their quality.

For a high quality piece of wooden furniture it should be scratch-resistant, so check this in the store by running your fingernail across the wood. If you see a visible line, then move onto something else.

Joint construction is also another way to see the quality of furniture. Don’t invest in any furniture that is held together with nails, glue or staples. Look for interlocking joints or even wooden pegs and screws.

At Websters we offer a range of high quality furniture including dining chairs and tables, drawers, bed frames, wardrobes and mirrors. We’ve been running since 1865 and are one of the few remaining independent furniture businesses in the West Yorkshire region. Our long success is down to the quality furniture, both wooden and upholstery.

For more information please visit our Brighouse store in West Yorkshire or call us on 01484 712024. 

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