Top tips for bedroom furniture

Top tips for bedroom furniture

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in our house. Up there with the living room and dining room, bedrooms are where we spend a huge chunk of our time. Therefore, you need to be sure you are creating a relaxing, comforting ambience, most of which will be done through careful furniture choice.  Here at Brighouse based Websters Furniture we have helped countless customers create the perfect bedroom and have come up with a few top tips to consider:

The Bed

It's sort of in the name, the bed is the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom. It will also always be the single most prominent piece of furniture in your bedroom. The bed frame itself says a lot about a person, it can be grand and extravagant, or it can be simple and classic. The headboard is an incredibly important factor in whether or not a bed is for you, and plays a huge part in the beds overall comfort.


Once you have decided on the style of your bed, its frame and the headboard that are all right for you, you need to pick a mattress. After all, a bed wouldn’t be a bed without a mattress. An expensive bed frame is wasted if the mattress is poor quality and uncomfortable. We spend around 8 hours every day in bed which equates to nearly a third of our lives in bed. It is, therefore, more than worth the investment into a premium high quality. A high-quality mattress is vital for your health in terms of the relaxation of your muscles, and in terms of allowing you to have the right amount of undisturbed sleep.

Chest of drawers

The storage of your bedroom is probably the next most important thing to consider. Most of the life's day to day necessities will be kept in your bedroom. Including clothes, jewelry, accessories and even family keepsakes. Webster’s range of Chester drawers can be either 2 drawers, 3, 4 5 or even 6, whichever best suits you and the amount of storage space you need. The drawers also come in a range of different styles and materials, including oak and mahogany.

Wesbters furniture stock a wide range of high-quality bedroom furniture, including some of the best and biggest brands in the industry. At Websters Distinctive Furniture’s showroom in West Yorkshire, we offer such a wide range of home furniture for you to pick your perfect bedroom. For more information call us now on 01484 712024.

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