What lighting to use in your home

What lighting to use in your home

Domestic lighting is what creates your home’s ambience, it is responsible for making it feel warm and inviting.  Lighting comes in a variety of different forms and is used for many different purposes. The trick to a well-lit home is understanding what type of lighting suits what type of purpose and room.


Spotlights are a key feature of modern homes and an increasingly common aspect of modern home décor. Their ability to be altered in brightness to suit different times of the day and different moods is something that sets them apart from ordinary lighting. A spotlight can be placed around corners of rooms where light does not normally reach as well as being able to highlight key possessions or decorations.


The lighting in your dining room is probably the most important aspect of the dining room, more so than the table and chairs. The right lighting should be both subtle and sparkling; it should be bright enough to light up your plates but also dim enough to be not be off putting or distracting. Bright headlights or chandeliers above the dining table should never be used but wall lights can offer the right amount of lighting. If you’re unsure a safe bet is lights that are installed with dim lightbulbs.


Lamps are a great source of lighting for almost any room, they complement most pieces of furniture and can work well in living rooms, hallways, and bedrooms. Lamps and table lamps help you achieve different levels of light. Lamps are most common in living rooms especially for when night-time draws in and you don’t want to sit in a brightly lit room.


Different types of lighting can complement different pieces of furniture, like spotlights above paintings or a lamp next to a bookcase are great combinations. Use the lighting in your home wisely and think about the furniture in your rooms that will go well with it. Lighting is the perfect way to create atmosphere in any given room and is very simple to do. Websters furniture stock a wide range of different domestic lightings to suit any homes interior decoration, for more information either visit Websters showroom in Batley or call a member of the team now on 01484 712024.

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