Top benefits of L-shaped sofas

Top benefits of L-shaped sofas

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We are often asked about the benefits of L-shaped sofas, and some of the possibilities of this versatile design may surprise you. L-shaped sofas spell comfort, whether you choose large and cosy with lots of cushions or sleek and stylish, the very shape of them is welcoming.

L-shaped sofas can form the focal point of a room and invite attention immediately. Position a lovely coffee table, for instance, in the space reserved by the L-shaped sofa, and you have an inviting relaxation area.

Though usually placed in a corner, but this is not the only possibility for this attractive statement piece. For more impact, try positioning the piece diagonally in the centre of a large sitting room. This leaves your wall space free and fills the space in a warm, inviting way.

Consider the vie point from your sofas. Try orientating them to take advantage of views through the window, or a cosy fire or television.

They can be used to form a separation between areas in a multi-purpose room. One side of the sofas may form the division between a dining and relaxing area, or L-shaped sofas can be positioned to give a degree of intimacy for conversation while other activities take place in the rest of the room.

With typically one side longer than the other, some designs do have equal length sofas. This may suit the proportions of your room better. If you are limited for space but like the idea of L-shaped sofas, consider the sleeker lines of modern leather sofas with stylish metal legs to give an unobtrusive look without compromising on comfort.

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