Choose the best mattress for you

Choose the best mattress for you

Websters Distinctive Furniture has a wide choice of beds in our spacious Yorkshire-based showroom. Our experts advise that for the best levels of comfort we should choose our mattresses carefully and spend as much as we can considering this important purchase.


There are two types of good-quality mattresses: those with inner springs and those with memory foam. Sprung mattresses are nice quality, but memory foam are even better as they adjust the level of support to the contours of our bodies. Memory foam mattresses are good for allergy sufferers too as they harbour fewer dust mites.


In sprung mattresses, the number of springs is a guide to the level of support offered.  Buttoned through mattresses will usually be better quality than quilted mattresses, as the buttons secure the springs in their place. Check the stitching: firmer stitching will be a sign of better quality.


To ensure your mattress offers the type of support you are looking for, try out the beds on show in our Brighouse showroom. It is not enough to simply hop on and off quickly – you should lie down for a few minutes. Test the mattress support level by placing your hand in the small of your back. Too large a gap indicates the mattress may be too soft, too small or too hard.


Generally, unless you have back problems, orthopaedic mattresses will be too hard for normal use. Softer mattresses make our beds more comfortable, and the lighter the user, the softer the mattress should be. Enquire about mattresses with differing levels of support on each side to suit one light person and one heavier person.


When we sleep on uncomfortable beds, with too firm a mattress, our bodies continually move to try to find a more comfortable position. We may therefore find that we sleep better with more comfortable beds and softer mattresses.


Visit our furniture showroom for more advice about how to choose the perfect bed and mattress. You can also give us a call on 01484 712024.