Top mattresses for the elderly

Top mattresses for the elderly

We are all aware of how important a really good mattress is for a good night's sleep, and with the excellent range of mattresses on display at Websters Furniture, we are spoilt for choice. The knowledgeable mattress experts at Websters are always on hand to give you advice about a mattress appropriate for your needs. When shopping for beds for elderly people, Websters would advise a little extra care to make sure that an unsuitable mattress does not contribute to the aches and pains often associated with advancing years.

For really comfortable mattresses and beds for elderly people, it pays to consider likely areas of discomfort so we can address these issues. Firstly, as we progress in years, aching joints, and muscle pains become more common. Arthritis sufferers are particularly prone to chronic pain, but waking up with sore muscles, a painful back, or stiff neck, could well be due to an inappropriate mattress, and choosing from the excellent selection of beds and mattresses specifically designed to fulfil the needs of the elderly may go a long way towards alleviating painful symptoms.

As our bodies grow older, we may notice that we require more support from our mattress to avoid waking up feeling stiff and sore. A mattress designed to reduce pressure on painful joints and muscles will be a prime consideration when choosing beds for elderly sleepers. Typically, we should look for memory foam mattresses, which offer supportive, contouring support along our bodies, reducing discomfort from pressure points.

For a more luxurious choice, look for a combination of springs, which will provide more traditional 'bounce', with memory foam, for support, and a layer of gel, or foam infused with gel, for extra comfort and cooling properties.

 An alternative, specifically designed for beds for elderly people, is the adjustable mattress. Adjustable mattresses offer varying degrees of choice, including separate zoning for double beds, so that individual users can select their own optimum sleeping position.

Whatever your requirements or budget, the helpful mattress consultants at Websters Distinctive Furniture can help with your choice of mattresses and beds for elderly people.