Top tips for decorating your bedroom

Top tips for decorating your bedroom

Founded in 1865, we are proud to be one of the few remaining independent family businesses that specialising in furniture in the Yorkshire region. Experts in our field, we often get a lot of customers in the area asking us for our interior advice when it comes to decorating different rooms in their home.


To help guide our customers along the way, our furniture experts have prepared this short article to help with the bedroom- how to decorate it, what bedroom furniture should you invest in and how to make the most out of your current space.


Here are our tips for decorating your Yorkshire bedroom:


1)    Lights are key in bedrooms and that’s why we recommend you opt for a light with a dimmer to cater to different times, for example you may want a lower light when watching TV or reading a book versus when you are getting ready.

2)    It’s important that you pick a calming colour for your bedroom, regardless on whether you like warm or cool shades to make your bedroom a place of peace.

3)    A good piece of bedroom furniture are photo frames- but we advise that you don’t include photographs of family in your bedroom (although they are very acceptable everywhere else!) that’s because photographs are emotionally loaded, so add some elegance to your room with some quality bedroom furniture without the emotional attachment to what’s in the image.

4)    Flowers are a great addition to any bedroom, whether they are on your nightstand, windowsill or even on your wallpaper, they are a lovely thing to wake up to! Shop around for bedroom furniture in the form of beautiful vases to brighten up your bedroom.


At Websters, our Batley showroom boasts a vast range of bedroom furniture as well as bespoke options for our Yorkshire customers. For more information, visit our showroom, or call us on 01484 712024.