What can we expect for interior design?

What can we expect for interior design?

Like everything, interior design trends change yearly- a lot of what we did last year is out ready to pave the way for new creative ideas. Luckily the interior design team here at Websters always have their fingers on the pulse- and have prepared this article to tell you what’s hot and what’s not in 2018.


1)    Pastels are back (again) – think lemon, pistachio, peach and more – walls up and down the Yorkshire region will be painted a lovely shade of light to open up spaces this year. Yellow seems to be the colour of the year- particularly earthy yellow

    Geometry designs are still in – we love geometrical cushions, tiles and wallpaper – they are a great addition to any home looking for a quirky, creative edge

    A modern twist on ‘English Country’ – floral is also back, so if you have a lovely little cottage in the fields of Yorkshire, you’ll probably find that your floral wallpaper and crockery sets are back in style

    Beige is out – gone gone gone, remove them these colours from your home!

    Handmade ceramics – there’s a huge popularity in the UK now for handmade things, and ceramics really hit the top of that list. This is a growing market, and one we hope you’ll look to joining too

    Details – over the past few years we’ve been talking all things minimal, but now details will be the talk of 2018. Whether it is a tassel fringe or an unusual pattern, these are all playing a huge role in interior design this year


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