Best types of mattresses for bad backs

Best types of mattresses for bad backs

Back pain affects a lot of people in the Yorkshire area and it can really impact on the quality of sleep that you have on a daily basis. That is why it is extremely important that you invest in a good quality bed mattress to help this issue.

 At Websters Furniture, we specialise in bed mattresses that are ideally suited to people that suffer with chronic back pain. On that basis, we feel we are perfectly suited to give people advice on which bed mattress is best for bad backs.

 Here’s our advice on finding the best bed mattress for you:

 You may have heard a doctor say in the past that the best bed mattress for a bad back is one that is very firm- but a lot of people find that this just doesn’t improve their back pain or quality of sleep. Soft mattresses on the other hand can also cause issues as they conform to the body’s natural curves which could actually twist joints as you sleep.

 The best bed mattress for you is one that it comfortable to you! Every person is different, if you find that a firm mattress helps your back pain, then opt for that- but if you find you sit somewhere in between firm and soft, then it doesn’t matter what professionals say- if it helps you then it helps you.

 At Websters Furniture, our range of bed mattresses cover all of the above, so we are sure that you will find the perfect bed for your situation. To find out more, pop into our Brighouse showroom in West Yorkshire to try them out yourselves, or get in touch with one of our bed mattress specialists by calling 01484 712024 to discuss this further.