How certain mattresses can relieve pains

How certain mattresses can relieve pains

Websters is a long established family business, and has a great deal of experience in helping customers to choose the most suitable bed mattress for their needs. It is particularly important to select wisely when you suffer from back problems. Here is the current advice on how to gain the most benefit from your bed mattress to help alleviate your back problems.


While it is still a matter of debate, and personal preference, which bed mattress is the very best at alleviating or preventing chronic back pain, there is a general consensus about the type of bed mattress that is likely to give the most relief to back pain sufferers.


Many back problems can be put down to injury, repetitive strain, or sleeping on a hard or uneven surface, and back pain is not just a problem for older people. Back problems are the most common cause of disability in people aged under 45. While preventative behaviour and improved posture during waking hours is generally recommended, when we are sleeping, our bodies are renewed, and downward pressure is reduced on our spines. While our spines are horizontal, though, they should be evenly supported, and this leads to the conclusion that memory foam, or latex, mattresses, which offer even support along the length of the body, will be the most comfortable. An old, or lumpy bed mattress is likely to make back problems worsen, and mattresses with springs may not offer the even support that a back pain sufferer needs.


While it was previously thought that a firmer bed mattress with solid bed base would be best for bad backs, it is now advised that too firm a sleeping surface may actually cause even more discomfort, as the spine curves or is unsupported in the middle, and a certain degree of 'give' in the mattress, combined with even support, is preferable. The new memory foam mattresses offer even support along the contours of the body, and thus the spine is not distorted as it could be with a firmer sleeping surface.


For more advice about how to select the right bed mattress for your perfect night's sleep, consult the friendly experts at Websters Furniture.