How to pick the right coffee table for your home

How to pick the right coffee table for your home

At Websters Furniture, we have compiled a brief and short guide to help explain how you can pick the right coffee table for your home.


Your budget should be the starting point every single time you are looking for a new piece of furniture. You can’t spend a lot of money on a new coffee table if you have very little to spend. Luckily, our coffee tables are of the highest quality, so you pay for what you get and that certainly is quality.


The shape of your coffee table is vital for various reasons such as functionality and safety. A round table is ideal for your home if you have children or pets, as there are no corners and therefore won’t be a hazard for either to hurt themselves. One question you need to ask yourself is – What is the shape of your room? A small narrow room would need a rectangular shape to help maximise the room, luckily due to our wide range of products we can help you with your coffee table, whatever the shape or size.


It isn’t just the length and the width you need to take into account when choosing your coffee table, but the height as well. We recommend your table to be no lower than 1-2 inches than your sofa, the standard sized table is usually between 16 and 18 inches, which pairs well with the typical sized couch. It goes without saying, a higher couch would need to be paired with a higher coffee table and if you have guests regularly, a higher table would be needed to accommodate plates and glasses.


If you have an ongoing theme in your living room such as oak furniture, an oak coffee table would fit a lot more than a glass coffee table as it would fit in with the rest of the furniture. If you’re looking for a more modern feel, then you may consider using Lucite as it has a huge positive, it doesn’t stain which is very especially if you’re a clumsy person.


Usually, a living room has a theme or style, and with your coffee table being a focal point of your living room, it would need to run along with the theme. There are many styles such as vintage, contemporary and modern, each one of these has a different coffee table to fit that style. For example, a heavy oak table would fit perfectly in to a living room with a vintage look.

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