Mistakes you need to avoid when decorating your living room

When you enter a perfectly designed living room, you know it straight away. Everything is extremely proportionate to one another and the colour-ways are meticulously planned out, it is fantastic – but not every living room is like this. Some living rooms are a complete disaster for many different reasons, and we are here to prevent you from having a disaster living room and help have a perfect one.

Making it too precious to live in

Although the feel and look of your room is essential, you still need some form of comfort. Is isn’t functional to have uncomfortable furniture if you will be spending a lot of time on it, your living room needs to fit the convenience of everyday living.

The ‘showroom feel’

Another huge mistake some people make is giving their living room the ‘showroom feel’, where they buy everything from the same store and in the same design – making it look like a showroom. Be creative with your designs, mix and match different periods and different styles to make it unique.

Choosing the wrong sofa

A great living room starts with a great sofa. A lot of people already have a sofa in mind when designing their living room, but if you want your perfect, ideal living room, then you need to be open minded. The comfort of a sofa is important, but your sofa is also key to how a room feels and looks.

Poor layout planning

It is vital to have your furniture and accessories in position to assist conversation groupings, and not just in the best position for the TV. Viewings is also key to a successful lay out, in a large room it’s nice to sit on your favourite chair whilst in a position to address the rest of the room.

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