Tips for perfect lighting in your dining room

Tips for perfect lighting in your dining room

Lighting is key to making an atmosphere in any room, but most importantly in the dining room. The dining room is the place you share meals with your family, engaging in conversations and making memories that last a lifetime – so the right lighting is critical. Here at Websters, we’ve helped you out by coming up with some top tips to get the perfect lighting in your dining room.

Plan around your dining table

It’s crucial to create an atmosphere around a dinner table, and the lighting of the dining room is the place to start with that. The best way to do that is to base all your lighting around your dining table, rather than generic lighting across the whole room as you may do with bedrooms or the living room.

Use a single or multiple pendant light

The amount of lighting over your dining table should be in scale to the size of the table itself. If you have a small circular table, a single, low hanging pendant light is perfect. But if you have a large and rectangular table, multiple pendant lights are perfect – odd numbers always work best, set out in a line.

Install a dimmer to control the mood

Different occasions and different times of day require different amounts of light. If you’re in the dining room with the family during the day, you will want plenty of light. But if you’re hosting a dinner party with a few friends, a darker, less intense light is needed – which is why you should invest in a dimmer, so you can play around with the brightness to set the mood.

Multiple light sources

There will be times when you don’t want a bright, glaring light in your dining room, but a single light source may be too intimate – therefore you should invest in multiple light sources. They don’t have to be multiple lights hanging from the ceiling, separate lamps scattered across the room or wall lights to match your pendants give you the variety in lighting you need.

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